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The Queensland Christian Religious Instruction Network (QCRIN) is a network which includes church leaders, RI coordinators and instructors from across Qld. We are here to keep you informed and encourage you in the task.

As a network we exist to support professional development and continuous improvement in training and best practice initiatives, to promote communication and the sharing of resources and information, and to provide feedback and assist in the provision and management of curriculum for Christian Religious Instruction. We also advocate for RI in the media where we can!

You can link in with this group through your local RI Coordinator.

Your Team...

Chair.  Karen Grenning is passionate about the importance of state schools in Queensland and the role they play in providing a holistic education for all students. She values the Government’s commitment to allow parents the freedom of choice for their children in RI, so that students can learn about the faith and values of their parent’s choosing.


Karen has been a Religious Instructor for nearly 25 years across 2 states and currently coordinates and teaches RI at 3 schools in Brisbane. Prior to becoming a Religious Instructor Karen had been a learn-to-swim teacher and upon completing tertiary studies she spent 10 years in the corporate world. Karen is married with 2 adult children.


Together with an executive and a committed band of volunteers and regional coordinators, Karen and the QCRIN Team are here to serve providers of CRI across the state of Qld.

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