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Looking for a Form to use with your school that meets policy and ensures parents are well informed?  Here are some examples. Our experience is that when parents have more information, more opt-in to RI!  So keep parents informed!  

For school Newletter...

Christian Religious Instruction (RI)

From [Date], weekly lessons of 30 minutes duration in the basic beliefs of the Christian faith will be offered at [insert name] school in years 1 – 6. Further details on the curriculum and a consent form (only if opting in) are attached to this newsletter. Information will also be made available on the school website.

If your child participated in RI last year, they will automatically be included in the program again this year. If you nominated a Christian denomination on your child’s enrolment form, they will also attend Christian RI. Students who are not opted into RI will complete other instruction and will be supervised in a separate learning space. Other instruction will relate to a part of a subject area already covered in class and may include: personal research and assignments, independent reading and revision of class work such as literacy and numeracy activities and/or online programs currently accessed by the students (for example Mathletics, Literacy Planet).

Please note that the following annual cost to cover RI workbooks is as follows: [add if applicable]

If you would like more information or you would like to discuss any aspect of the program in further detail, you may contact the RI Coordinator [insert name] through the school office.

This is a suggested form only. Please consult with your Principal for permission to use and to edit this form for your school context. With consultation, the Principal might also choose to print this consent form on the school’s letterhead. Education Qld's suggested guidelines for information to put into newsletters and on the school website etc. are available at the link near the bottom of this webpage: CLICK HERE.

Christian Religious Instruction

The [insert name] Cooperative of Christian Churches is offering Religious Instruction [RI] consisting of [insert lesson time] lessons each [insert day] in the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. Please note that if your child was opted into this program last year, they will automatically be enrolled again this year. Also if you nominated a Christian denomination on your child’s enrolment form, then your child will also be placed into Christian RI unless you notify us otherwise.

If your child has not been enrolled in the program but you would like them to commence RI, please complete the consent form below.

Listed below are the curricula in use at our school together with links to the relevant websites giving detailed information. [Use those relevant at your school.]

Access Ministries Material

Beginning with God

Godspace 2017

Big Questions


Students will be exploring/developing spirituality from a Judeo/Christian perspective. We encourage you to take an interest in your child's learning and to guide them in this process.


Further information is available from the RI coordinator [insert name and contact or contact through the school office].


The Churches involved in this non denominational Christian RI program are; [insert Church names]


Students who are not opted into RI will be supervised during this time in a separate location.


Christian RI Consent Form

I give permission for my child/ren to participate in Christian RI

Student Name/s: ...........................................................   Class: .............

Parent’s signature: ........................................................   Date: ..............


[Add the line below only if applicable]:

I enclose: .......... to cover the cost of the student workbook/s for my child/ren

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