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Q. What does CRI stand for?

CRI – Christian Religious Instruction.  It is part of the Religious Instruction [RI] that may be provided by any recognised faith group in State Schools in Qld each week.


Q. How do I get my children into RI?

If you did not say 'yes' to RI on enrolment, you can simply write to the school and ask that your children be included in the RI program. Some schools have multiple programs on offer - ie different faiths, or different denominations - so check to see what is available and what program you want your children to join. Please indicate “Christian RI” if you want your child to be placed in Christian cooperative RI which is delivered from a non-denominational perspective. You can also fill in this form and return to your school.


Q. What do children do/learn in CRI?

Your school will be able to direct you to the exact programs being taught at your school, but generally children are learning the values of the Christian Faith through key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Jesus, his miracles, teachings, and actions. Each year there is a focus on Easter and Christmas and as children get older they learn the key message of the Christian faith; what it means to be a Christian, how we are all imperfect people, and we need each other and God in our life to help us live positive, productive lives, true to the values of the Christian Faith.


Children learn through creative activities, stories, singing, drama, craft, discussion, etc. at an age appropriate level using a curriculum approved by the faith group/s providing the program.

Children explore spirituality from a Judeo-Christian perspective. It is an excellent opportunity for them to develop the spiritual and moral side of their lives, even if they never embrace Christianity. 


Q. Do I have to be a member of a Church to send my child/children?

No. Parental choice is the most important thing. If you want your children to have a grounding and understanding of the stories that have shaped Australia and Western society, may we recommend that you enrol them in Christian RI.


Q. What if I have a question or concern about what was taught in a class?

If you have a question or concern about what your child has learned in RI, please feel free to discuss this with the RI coordinator who can be contacted through your school office. Excellence is a core value for those delivering the RI program and we welcome your feedback.​

For more information regarding Christian Religious Instruction please go to: 

Christian RI

Q. Does RI cost anything?

Some RI costs are paid for by the local churches, or in some cases the RI Coordinator and their team. Fundraising events for the program also ensures that each student can have access to a work book.  Some schools ask parents to pay a levy in the region of $6. This cost helps to ensure that each student has a workbook, each instructor has a teaching manual and that any photocopying needs are taken care of. If you would like to make a donation to the work of RI in Qld, please email us for details.

Q. How are RI instructors trained?

CRI Instructors have current blue cards, are accredited by their church leader and are approved by the school principal. Instructors undergo initial training, school based Student Protection and Code of Conduct training as well as ongoing professional development.


A school staff member is also present for the delivery of a Religious Instruction and they are often very helpful in giving input and feedback on how instructors can enhance their skills and develop in their role. Many religious instructors also happen to have a teaching qualification.*


Instructor’s manuals contain fully planned lessons with visual aids and resources to enhance the lessons.


* Result of a survey of 750 RI Instructors carried out across Qld in 2017 by QCRIN.

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